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Giant sunflower grows at Edgewood farm

Sunflowers are normally thought of as a pretty plant that also happens to produce delicious seeds, but if you stop by the Audett/ Lorenz Edgewood farm, you may be a bit surprised at their garden’s centerpiece – a giant 12-foot sunflower grown by 4-year old Charleigh Lorenz.
Charleigh brought the sunflower home from Joy Christian Pre-school at the start of summer. She began growing it in mid-May and it developed into a 6-inch small fry before making its way to the farm. Her grandmother, Sue Audett, helped nurse it in the garden at her home and it began to grow. Today it dwarfs everything… Read More


Fife History Museum seeking Fife High yearbooks

The Fife History Museum preserves and collects Fife High School yearbooks. A FHS Class of 1940 graduate recently visited our museum, and one of the highlights of his visit was seeing himself, his classmates and teachers in an old yearbook.
We would like to ask the public for help in completing our collection so that we never have to say “Sorry, we don’t have that year.”
The following… Read More

It’s just business

When big companies fail, we always seem to hear about or read an analysis of why from an outside observer – “business experts” and the like – but never really from someone inside the company laying out exactly why the business had to close. It could be that people just don’t want to face… Read More

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Two-sport star is making his mark in Puyallup

Times have certainly changed when it comes to high school athletics. If you look at photos from 50 or 60 years ago, it was obvious that Friday night meant everyone was going to be down at the stadium for the big football game. Of course, today’s average consumer has a so many entertainment options… Read More

Tacoma Stars Tacoma Rainiers

Creedence Clearwater Revisited

There are many examples of feuding rock bands that have patched things up for the sake of a lucrative reunion tour: The Eagles, The Police, most recently Guns N' Roses. But so far not Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Bay Area band behind some of the most iconic rock songs of the '60s and early '70s.
Theirs is a decades-long beef, characterized by occasional litigation; and the chasm between… Read More

Neverland Theater presents ‘Princess Whatsername’

After weeks of diligently working to craft a stage play sure to be a bona fide audience pleaser, the young students of Neverland Theater are excited to present “Princess Whatsername,” opening July 29, 7 p.m. at the Columbia Junior High Performing Arts Center.
Since June 28 the budding theater… Read More